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There are many places you can go to meet an older girl in the first place. By far the best spot to go is to a nightclub. Our top recommendation is the Sevilla Nightclub, located in the city’s core. There you’re going to find excellent drinks and people of all types. However, never forget to check for any opportunity on before leaving home!

After acquiring confidence from your partner, it’s finally time to ask her out! In this case, the bars of the Golden State are perfect meeting points. Consider checking out the Mezcalero Long Beach. Despite being crowded, the site offers you an incredible balance between the ambient of a bar and the fun of a nightclub, which also includes happy hour specials.

As we have already mentioned, dating older women only brings benefits to you. Don’t worry about being perfect or having to set the right environment. Cougars are less demanding than other young girls. In a relationship like that, all you should worry about is to get the hookup as soon as possible and to have plenty of fun!