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Senior Dating Advice and Tips

Men prefer dating older women because they are more mature than younger women. Older women like to have fun, but their interests are different from younger women. Instead of going out clubbing on a weekend, they prefer hanging around their homes or attending jazz night. Older women are more confident than younger women, they are more successful in their careers and demand less from a man to support them, unlike younger women who may want to have a part of your income.

Older women like calm and quiet bars where they can still have fun while enjoying glass cold beer. Jazz bars are very popular and are mostly flocked by older women who are looking for entertainment. The best jazz bars in Savannah, Georgia include Good Times Jazz Bar and Restaurant, Drayton Restaurant, The Pirates House, Randy’s Pickin’ Parlour, Jazz’d Taps Bar and Restaurant, Planters Tavern, and Casimir’s Lounge.

Gyms are great places to meet senior singles in Savannah who want to be in shape by spending a few hours on the gym every week. Joining a local gym will give you exposure to meeting more than one hottie. Book clubs are popular and attract older women more. Get book club membership, participate and get to talk with local women. Women love shopping whether young or old. You can go out for window shopping and offer a hand to older women with their shopping.