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Why Would a Younger Man Be Attracted to an Older Woman?

Why Would an Older Man be Attracted

A more accurate question to ask is, ‘Why wouldn’t a younger man be attracted to an older woman?!’ Ladies over 40 are amazing! They are gorgeous, confident, smart, and very sexy!

Who Qualifies as a Mature Woman?

Your definition of a mature woman will depend on your own age. A man in his early twenties will see a lady in her late 30’s as mature, whereas a man in his early 40’s would see a woman in her mid-60’s as mature. It’s all about perspective. For dating, any female over 40 will fall into the ‘mature’ category. At, we hate putting people in boxes, but we’ll do it just this once! Maturity isn’t just about the age you are. It’s an attitude, a thought process, and a way of living your life too. Calm, confident, clever, and patient are the attributes of a mature woman. She has seen disappointment, sadness, and betrayal but has survived and blossomed into a badass because of it.

Why Would a Younger Man Be Attracted to a Younger Woman?

A younger man would be lucky to be in a happy, healthy relationship with a lady over 40! Her career has been established so she can chill a little, she has a polished sense of style, and she has fun, her way, no matter what anyone else thinks. Mature ladies are radically different from their sisters of previous generations. Sexual freedom, independence, and seemingly eternal youth mean that stunning women in middle age are full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion. The contrast with fragile, image-obsessed, and stressed out girls is huge. It’s also attractive for a younger man to feel no pressure to decide on an engagement, wedding, mortgage, and family. Older women who simply want to have fun and frolics are the perfect match for boys who have no intention of settling down yet.

Where to Meet Ladies over the Age of 40

Gaining an introduction to a gorgeous older woman is tricky! In a bar, coffee shop, or workplace, it’s difficult to know who is single without interviewing everyone. We all know those crippling feelings of awkwardness and shyness that prevent us from chatting with the beautiful woman who has caught our eye. Hopefully, fate and chance will present you with the woman of your dreams when you least expect it. To increase the likelihood of this happening, say ‘Yes!’ to every invitation you receive, join lots of clubs and take part in different sports and hobbies. If that sounds exhausting, then there IS another way!

An online dating site such as is a fantastic place to meet a diverse range of people, including females who are over the age of 40. The advantages are numerous:

  • You know that all the members are single and looking for a relationship.
  • The site will use your information and clever search filters to find the ideal partner for you.
  • There are lots of different people using the site so your chances of meeting ‘The One’ are high.

How to Be Attractive to a Mature Woman

Be respectful – a mature lady won’t put up with nonsense. Treat her to delicious meals out and don’t feel her up to her in the car outside her house unless you’ve been asked to. Just generally try to be a nice guy. Honesty is vital– she is a grown-up and smart. She will know immediately if you’re telling lies, hiding the truth or exaggerating. Just don’t do it! Don’t waste her time and energy – after a divorce, her maturity will mean that she will take her time to get over it and heal. Dating again means she has her hopes set on someone new and exciting. If you’re still hung up on your ex and are unsure about what’s next in your life, then dating a lady who is looking forward to her future is pure selfishness. Be honest and let her fly free to find a man who is ready to receive all that she has to offer. Make her smile – a boyfriend who makes you laugh is soooo sexy! Life is hard at times, and a great sense of humor will get you through. One tell-tale sign of maturity and being a well-rounded person is to smile in the face of difficulty. When you’re telling jokes, recalling funny stories, and laughing at your own silliness, she will imagine how much fun life with you would be and how cool you’d be in a crisis.

Dating Advice for Women over 40

Be yourself! Don’t try to appear younger or more ‘up-to-date.’ Be proud of the incredible woman you are because people will adore you for it. Embrace your sexuality. If you are recently widowed or divorced, then this might be nerve-wracking. Follow your instincts, don’t overthink and enjoy yourself. The ‘rules’ of sex haven’t changed much, no matter what the porn industry would have you believe. (Note to yourself - don’t watch it! You’ll freak yourself out!) Dating a younger man in your 40’s is exciting, flattering, and maybe a little bit daunting too. Men under 40 aren’t aliens, remember that! A healthy, happy relationship is based on love, friendship, trust, and honesty. That’s the same for a man or woman of any age. If you choose to date using a website or app, then ensure your personal profile is as amazing as you. Pick a cute, recent, and smiley photo that reflects your personality. Share your interests, life goals, the achievements you’re proud of, and the kind of connections you’re hoping to make. So, if you’re thinking that dating with would be an awesome idea (and really, why wouldn’t you?!), then make sure you sign up to become a member ASAP. The registration process is so simple and quick that there’s really no excuse.