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Looking for Romance? Here’s How to Get a Lesbian to Like You

How to Get a Lesbian

The dating advice you’ll receive from will be from expert relationship advisors. They are simply magic at matchmaking and bringing together like-minded people. If you’re seeking a new romance with a stunning lesbian lady, in this blog, we’ve brought together some of our best tips for making lasting connections that will lead to love.

How to Attract Beautiful Gay Women

The beginning of your journey should be the time and effort you put into your online dating profile. Pick a pretty, recent, and smiley picture that reflects your personality. Tell the team and other members about your passions in life, your hopes and dreams, and the kind of relationship you’re looking for. Be honest, fun, and shout about your best qualities. You’re amazing! Be proud of that. An interesting, kind, and enthusiastic person with an awesome sense of humor will automatically be sexier than a great looking bore. Remember that! Tell the ladies you fancy your funny stories, what you adore doing at the weekend, and all the ways in which you’d change the world if you could.

First Date Ideas

The search filter at is clever and innovative. It will suggest your perfect match based on, amongst other criteria, where you live and your shared interests. That means you should find yourself messaging ladies who love what you do and who live close enough to go on regular, fun dates together. A classic date is a great movie and dinner afterward. There’s a very good reason it’s often the choice for a first date too. If you’re nervous and worry that you won’t have anything to talk about, then the movie you just saw is the perfect conversation starter. Going out for drinks in a quiet pub is a lovely idea. Stick to a glass of wine or two, and you’ll find your confidence boosted without the risk of getting ‘silly.’ Choosing to meet in a place with a chilled out, relaxed atmosphere will allow you to chat and really get to know each other. Do something adventurous such as a long hill walk or even Go Karting. The fun and laughter you’ll enjoy will create brilliant memories and give you something to chuckle over on your next date. If you’ve loved your time together, then arrange to meet up again soon. There’s no sense in ‘playing it cool.’ That only ends in misunderstanding and losing someone who could have been the love of your life.

What NOT to Do on a First Date

Don’t get too stressed about it being a ‘perfect’ date. If the movie theater is full, then laugh it off and pick another together. When your meal is late out of the kitchen, don’t worry, relax and enjoy each other’s company while you wait. Avoid speaking about your dodgy ex-girlfriend. She may have broken your heart and stolen half your possessions when she moved out. However, you’re moving on now, and this stunning woman in front of you will make her very jealous! Get a feel for how confident your partner is as an out gay woman. You may feel happy about holding hands and kissing in public, but she might not be quite as comfortable. Be patient and understanding rather than getting offended. Her family and friends may not be as supportive as yours.

Your First Lesbian Relationship – Hints and Tips

If you’re a mature woman who struggled with identifying as a lesbian in your younger years, this first foray into the gay world will be overwhelming and a little scary. This is normal and natural, try and see the butterflies in your tummy as excitement and anticipation rather than fear and trepidation. It will be so much easier if you talk openly about how you feel with the women you meet on online dating sites such as Many older gay women were a part of straight couples and raised children. Hopefully, your previous marriage was a contended one, and if it was, you should feel free to celebrate that. Have hope for the future rather than regret for the past. If you do have kids and are nervous about revealing your sexuality, remember that the worst thing you can do is to hide it from them! If you meet a beautiful lady and want to enjoy life with her, your children will be a big part of that. Just give them lots of time to adjust.

Advice on How to Initiate the First Kiss

So, you’re at the end of a blissful date, and your emotions, hormones, and feelings of joy are over-flowing. It’s time for your first, heart fluttering kiss. But what to do and what to say?! Whether it’s your first time kissing this particular girl or your very first time puckering up with a woman EVER, it’s going to be a hugely significant moment. Be brave! If you’ve been flirting lots, have held hands, hugged, and shared breathless, intimate conversations, VERY likely she wants you to kiss her. Hold her hand, look deeply into her eyes, and move towards her luscious lips gently and slowly. Plant a delicate kiss and then pause and look into her eyes again. You’ll know straight away if she is longing to continue the kiss. You might feel like your heart is about to break out of your chest, and your head has fireworks in. So long as these are good feelings, take a deep breath, and enjoy the softness and sensuality of this wonderful moment. is a safe, secure, and discreet website for mature men and women who are searching for all kinds of relationships. Gay, straight, bisexual people use our site as it’s so diverse and welcoming. Sign up with us today to start enjoying our services and benefits. The registration process is quick and simple, and we guarantee that you will be thrilled you did.